MiPower 9.1

Analyzes the data and performs system design and implementation
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Tests the system with the given data to display statistics about the current working flow. Features improved accuracy and tolerance and it was designed to assess the risk of voltage instability and margin of stability during sudden disturbances. Tests three-phase harmonic load flow test to computer harmonic distortion factors.

MiPower is a highly interactive, user-friendly windows based Power System Analysis package. It includes a set of modules for performing a wide range of power system design and analysis study. MiPower features include a top notch Windows GUI with centralized database. Steady state, transient and electro-magnetic transient analysis can be performed with utmost accuracy and tolerance. Designed to assess the risk of Voltage instability and margin of stability during sudden disturbances, under steady state conditions. It ranks the load busses based on the L-index value and the highest L-index indicates the system collapse point. The value of L-index is zero at no load and 1 at the verge of collapsing point. Performs three-phase harmonic load flow to compute harmonic distortion factors. Calculates harmonic transfer and driving point impedances for both transmission and distribution power systems.

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